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Old Capital Bike Inn 28/04/2016

Location:                            Rattanakoskin(near Khao San Road)
Rates:                                 From 3190 Baht
Available room types:    Twin Room (Family Suites 6590 Baht

Comment:                           A heritage guesthouse in the heart of Bangkok’s old city

Trip Advisor Rating:       4.5 star – Trip advisor review

Website write up:

Old Capital Bike Inn was formerly known as the popular Old Bangkok Inn, which had been offering discerned travelers with award-winning, boutique accommodation in old town Bangkok for the past decade. So we felt it’s time to throw a little “new” into the “old”.

To name a few, by incorporating a vintage bike theme into our heritage inn, you can finally truly relive the past with our vintage bikes and refurbished classic decor. Plus, we’re offering free bike rentals and free night bike tours as well just so you can discover more of the ‘unseen’ old Bangkok.

What’s comforting, however, is that we’re still family-run by the same familair faces from Old Bangkok Inn, so you’ll always feel at home. Now, let’s go back in time together… to Old Capital Bike Inn.



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